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Shankar Borewell is capable of drilling borewell and Tubewell based on the site requirements as per dimension 43/4 inch, 6 inch, 6 1/2 Inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch borewell throughout India

Shankar Borewells is recognized as one of the most leading and reliable multi disciplinary drilling contractors based in Kollam, Kerala. Having many years of experience in this business, the company has been offering best solutions for all kinds of water related problems. Our highly experienced drilling operators and dedicated technical personnel are integral part of the company who have perfection in borewell drilling.



We Provide Best Borewell Service in through out Kerala!

We under take all kind of plumbing work with reasonable price as ur requirements

Borewell Drilling

India being an agrarian country, our farmers depend mainly on groundwater for irrigation.

Tubewell Drilling

Our firm is involved in providing qualitative Tubewell Drilling service to our prestigious clients.

Calix / Rotary Boring Method

This method is generally called rotary boring method. This method can be successfully used for rock as well as unconsolidated formation.


We are one of the leading manufacturers of PRECISION cleaning systems, including flushing cleaners. We recommend clean/flush your bore well on every 5 year to retain the yield & quality of water.

What is difference between Tubewell and Borewell

A bore well is drilled with casing pipe put only up to the soil-rock boundary and this is done normally for shallow depths in hard rock or in crystalline rock.

Our Motto

100% Assured Success The impossible is made possible here To deliver high level of customer satisfaction by providing quality output and real value for money Work towards exceeding customers

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This Time We Proved

The speciality of SHANKAR BOREWELLS & TUBEWELLS is that, the right from the beginning, it has started drilling operations by the slow rig, clayx rig to the latest Super Fast High Pressure Hydraulic Drilling Rigs both on surface and in well by 4 ½ “, 6 ½ ” and 10″ borewells.

  • In the year 1995, our company has been started.
  • To provide our clients with the highest quality drilling services available in the market at affordable price
  • Our vision it to become one of the premier drilling companies in South Indian market

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Three Step For Started Working Process


Our rigs and vehicles are well maintained to offer productive service in most competitive drilling field.


Specialized in Water Well Drilling, Ground Water Survey, Geotech Drilling and Exploration Drilling sectors across Kollam.


We value our staff. This is one of the quality measurement of our company. By communicating with our team you can determine.


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The speciality of SHANKAR BOREWELLS COMPANY is that, the right from the beginning, it has started drilling operations.

Rain water Harvesting

In urban areas, the construction of houses, footpaths and roads has left little exposed earth for water to soak in. In parts of the rural areas of India, floodwater quickly flows to the rivers, which then dry up soon after the rains stop.


Conservation of water in the agricultural sector is essential since water is necessary for the growth of plants and crops. A depleting water table and a rise in salinity due to overuse of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has made matters serious.

Reducing Water Demand

The most important step in the direction of finding solutions to issues of water and environmental conservation is to change people's attitudes and habits¾this includes each one of us. Conserve water because it is the right thing to do.