The most important step in the direction of finding solutions to issues of water and environmental conservation is to change people’s attitudes and habits¾this includes each one of us. Conserve water because it is the right thing to do. We can follow some of the simple things that have been listed below and contribute to water conservation.

 Try to do one thing each day that will result in saving water. Don’t worry if the savings are minimal¾every drop counts! You can make a difference.
 Remember to use only the amount you actually need.
 Form a group of water-conscious people and encourage your friends and neighbours to be part of this group. Promote water conservation in community newsletters and on bulletin boards. Encourage your friends, neighbours and co-workers to also contribute.
 Encourage your family to keep looking for new ways to conserve water in and around your home.
 Make sure that your home is leak-free. Many homes have leaking pipes that go unnoticed.
 Do not leave the tap running while you are brushing your teeth or soaping your face.
 See that there are no leaks in the toilet tank. You can check this by adding colour to the tank. If there is a leak, colour will appear in the toilet bowl within 30 minutes. (Flush as soon as the test is done, since food colouring may stain the tank.)
 Avoid flushing the toilet unnecessarily. Put a brick or any other device that occupies space to cut down on the amount of water needed for each flush.
 When washing the car, use water from a bucket and not a hosepipe.
 Do not throw away water that has been used for washing vegetables, rice or dals¾use it to water plants or to clean the floors, etc
 You can store water in a variety of ways. A simple method is to place a drum on a raised platform directly under the rainwater collection source. You can also collect water in a bucket during the rainy season.